Telegraph of

telegraph of

A return to acid. A deep and ambient acid house track.
This is a single from an upcoming self titled release.
You can download this for free (or pay if you want) on my bandcamp.
****Chicken spinner visualizer****.



A demo tape with 2 tracks showcasing my current sound,
You can download this for free (or pay if you want) on my bandcamp.

1. John's Playbook

2. Some Regulation

Paging Miss S


Comforting UKG to smoke crack in an echo chamber to.
You can download this for free (or pay if you want) on my bandcamp.
wow look epic on youtube epic style 3d grafixomgomgomgiwantmymtv.

206 (Deeper Cut)


A deeper more focused cut, and a turning point for me.
This was released under Acetic Records for it's first release, Tapes of Adelaide.
Very happy to have been involved in this.
You can buy this on the Acetic Records Bandcamp page.
I always want my music to be free or for purchase, so you can download for free by right clicking the player below :)

D's on C's


Remix of Throw Some D's
A personal favourite of mine.
Free download on my Bandcamp.



Ethereal jungle.
A song to blast through your headphones on the train ride home after downing 6 Coopers stouts at the Austral.
Buy or free download on my Bandcamp.

Zero Regulation

Zero Regulation

Glitchy and acidic. Digitakt percussion and drums multitracked into ableton.
Bass Station 2 in afx mode is making all the kooky sounds.
Buy or free download on my Bandcamp.



Nice and deep sounding. Perhaps a bit too long.
Keep an eye out for a shortened version.
Buy or free download on my Bandcamp.

Archive / Unfinished

Things I will maybe finish, things I will never finish, unused takes, etc etc

John's Playbook draft.
Something I have sat on for a while. One of my favourite sets, if not my favourite is Late Nite Lenny's Ozero 2022 set . Opened me up to a new kind of deep house: much deeper, a bit darker, and incredibly smooth. Started this project on the maschine while I was staying in Keith for work (14/5/2023). Sat around on it and forgot about it until today. This is the next adelaide acid release. will hopefuly be finished by the end of the week.

Synthesizer V test

Home recording. This is a looping soundscape.

UGK shit. One of the first tracks I've made with maschine.
Not finished, obviously.

Rich Boy, Throw Some D's (cadillac cruising mix) DRAFT
Another jungle joint. Using to extract the vocals from the track. Works very very well.
To be honest, this is probably my best work yet, at least my personal favourite.
I will probably put this one out on streaming services once it is done, rich boy doesn't have to know.
I have seen mashup songs on spotify which is just the instrumental and acapella from two different tracks mashed together. Nearly 10 million plays on spotify alone.
The songs are on tidal too, where you can see the credits, and none of the original artists are listed, so I doubt that I will get in trouble for sampling a song from 2006.
I am not going to let a very VERY unlikely situation get in the way of my idea 8^).

Gummo jungle mix. Lol. This is just Hydrator with 69 vocals and no synths.

Mpc sampling fun. hip hop/boom bap whatevr. Compressor on master in the mpc, to the amp sim, recorded stright into the 404....with its compressor on, dragged into ableton, another compressor, limiter.

VERY ROUGH, deeper cut of 206. Added and changed percussion and reduced to a shorter length.
This is one I will hopefully finish soon.

Unreleased live take of a house track. Haven't decided if I want to do another take or release it how it is

Track made for the first Chop Shop event. Ended up winning and taking home a very nice pair of headphones


Rolling Miller Band


Some ambient shit. Background music for some animations I did for a cancer patient support organisation

A recent live take I never put out or finished